A recap of our weddings the last two weeks. 

By Kupcakerie on June 24, 2016 

There's summer, and then there's weddings.  But when the two collide, they form great balls of fire (or something like that).  So far this summer, we've had the chance to help make two similar yet distinct weddings all the more beautiful.   


First, we'll start with the Wrights.  The Wrights opted for a more traditional wedding venue but wanted something easy to grab when it came to the cake.  Their reception was at Little River Farms in Milton, and their choice of cupcakes fit the venue perfectly.  They chose two cupcake towers, one representing the groom, and one the bride.  And they had a little something for everyone when it came to flavors.  This journey was particularly interesting because the bride's dad was in charge of getting everything for the cupcakes together.  Believe it or not, dads usually don't get this involved.  So kudos to him!   


Next, we have the Meyers, who opted for a more chic, industrial wedding reception.  Their venue was Monday Night Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Atlanta, so you can only imagine how much fun they must have had.  For their cupcakes, they wanted to add a custom raspberry flavor to the mix, so that was fun to come up with.  They went with a jumbo cupcake as their cutting cake, and had a 3-D printed airplane as their topper, to celebrate the groom being in the Air Force.  The journey to their final product was also interesting because the bride and groom were out of the country during their tasting and relied on the judgment of the bride's mother and the bride's best friend to make sure the right flavors were picked.  We're glad to have made the cut!  See below for more pictures of each wedding.